Modafinil is sold under more than 20 different brand names and the most popular brands are produced over the counter: in the USA, Europe and India.  Modafinil’s awakefullness and alertness properties are frequently used  in it’s brand name, also the lifestyle of carefulness or sharpness is often used. It is sold in various districts of the world under a huge assortment of brand names, but the most popular otc brands in the UK are mostly connected to Sun Pharmaceutical Industries, India and Hab Pharmaceuticals, India.

Here are the top of UK best modafinil brand names:

  • Modalert (100,200mg) Manufacture: Sun Pharma, India
  • Modvigil (200mg). Manufacture: Hab Pharma, India
  • Alertec (200mg) Manufacture: Teva, Canada
  • Provigil (200mg). Manufacture: Cephalon, USA
  • Modapro (200mg). Manufacture: Cipla, India (out of stock)
  • Modafresh (200mg) Manufacture: Sunrise, India
  • Modawake (200mg): Hab Pharma, India
  • Modafil (200mg): Intas Pharma, India
  • Provake (200mg): Ranbaxy Labs, India
  • Modatec (200mg): Cipla, India

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Basically, all generic brands of Modafinil, popular in the UK produced over the counter are the full copies of licensed Cephalon, each one is fabricated and made out of similar ingredients, with no matter of the manufacture country.

The distinctions, when experimenting with generic modafinil brands in India, are mostly connected to a brand quality, effects and side effects. For this reason, the best way to get the right brand is to look deep to a reviews on reddit, erowid and other places where people post their experience after dealing with various brands, online stores and manufactures.

You can also visit our main page , to see the complete guide helping you to find the best price for otc modafinil and to deal with trustworthy vendors .

Spending a bit of time reading the reviews of others will prove invaluable and potentially save you a lot of wasted effort, time and money over the long-run.

While looking through surveys of other buyers you will get complete information about each brand quality you will also find out of the unsuccessfull reviews and this will help you to avoid huge money loss while purchasing the wrong brand.

For instance, the brand from India known as Modalert isn’t the protected Cephalon patent. But as you can find from our top this is the best otc brand on the UK market  while SunPharma is N1 pharmaceutical company in India.