Modafinil is one of the most popular so-called “study pills” which is in high demand in the UK. In case you’re searching for an investment in regards to productivity, extra focus and alertness, modafinil would be your answer.
Finding modafinil when you live in the UK can be a bother. We’ve created a list of top 3 modafinil suppliers (see here) for you to think over it and compare. It will help you to buy modafinil online and avoid most common issues connected to modafinil purchase and will keep you from wasting money and time. In this article we will compare various delivery methods offered by top rated modafinil suppliers.


Overnight / Next Day Delivery

Sadly to say but we couldn’t find any modafinil vendor with next day delivery service option. A UK based modafinil store could offer fast delivery via Royal Mail, but it looks like there is no such a vendor at the moment. The largest modafinil suppliers are located in India where modafinil generics are produced. The pros are best price and availability to buy larger amouns of modafinil, the cons are connected to a slower delivery time and delays in both India and UK customs.


Express shipping (EMS)

Vast majority of modafinil online stores provide EMS express delivery service for their consumers. For example Neo Modafinil offers free EMS fast delivery from India to the UK on all orders down to 20 pills. EMS orders can be tracked online through UK Parcel Force official website. EMS is the only express delivery service in India carrying out the delivery of medicines. Standard delivery time is 8-11 days. Latest delivery time is 15 days. Earliest possible delivery time is 3 days. Thus in some cases Express shipping service may be transformed to the next day delivery service.


Airmail Shipping

There are few modafinil vendors, such as Sun Modalert and OneDollarThings still offer Airmail shipping method by default. Standard delivery time to the UK is 9-11 days, however there are lucky people from reddit reported their Airmail orders were delivered in 2-3 days. Luckily the UK is one of a few countries where Airmail packages are monitored and can be tracked.

The official Parcelforce site says that while getting products from Asia the shipping time can incredibly differ. The time it can take for a lettter to reach the UK is around 20 days (from Mumbai, India) to around 35-40 days (China). Normally, delivery times while importing from Asia to the UK will be 25 days average time. After checking for more than 100 live reddit reviews we came to conclusion that standard delivery time for letters shipped from India to the UK is far shorter, 9-11 days at average.