Modafinil is sold and marketed under the name Provigil for patients in the United Kingdom.
Provigil is not simply a generic form of Modafinil, but another brand name for the original drug which generally results in higher costs.
Modafinil is a smart-drug which acts to promote wakefulness. For this reason it is often prescribed by doctors as a treatment for narcolepsy, sleep apnea and sleep disturbances in individuals with unsocial shift working patterns..

Modafinil can provide the user with notable increases in cognition and a sense of alertness. For many people it is associate with  miracle NZT 48 pill from the Limitless movie. Many similar stimulant-type drugs can come with bothersome side effects such as nervous tension, agitation and even paranoia. Modafinil tends to offer a clean alternative without such side effects.
Some users have reported improved motivation and some mood enhancing effects too. Buying Provigil in the UK has gained popularity with individuals who want a boost in mental performance, productivity and a helping hand towards academic success.

The drug laws in the United Kingdom can be uniquely confusing. It can be difficult to find out which drugs are legal and which aren’t and as a consequence, drugs like Modafinil lie in a grey area.

In the UK, several agencies share the duty of drug regulation; these include the Department of Health and the National Health Service, as well as the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency. Controlled drugs are ruled by the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971, as well as the Health Act 2006 and yet more regulations. However, Modafinil is not considered a controlled drug and therefore it’s possible to purchase Modafinil without a prescription but it’s also not approved by the MHRA.

As a result, Modafinil’s legal status is somewhat unclear. It’s legal to purchase modafinil (but only for personal use; it’s illegal to import it for commercial sales or distribution). While legal to buy, the additional catch is that personal use is defined as a three-month supply or less. While there have been a few reports here and there of Modafinil being seized at the border, it’s happened very few times, and it probably won’t happen to you.