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Producers of generic modafinil have put in a lot less work into the production of their products, since they didn’t have to invest money into research. This usually results in a drastically lower price when compared to the original brand. Additionally the competition these producers get once a patent ends is enormous, so the pressure results in an even further lowering of the price for the end consumers. Provigil with its brand position still stands to compete with the authority, trust, and consumer interest that they’ve generated over the years, but as generics get more consumers we are sure to see Cephalon lowering Provigil’s price eventually. Right at the moment the most popular generic modafinil versions are Modalert by Sun Pharma and Modvigil by Hab Pharma. It is available under the cheapest rates starting 60 GBP for 3 month supply. More information about online pharmacies and their prices you can find here, at our main page guide. The recommended modafinil vendor is: NeoModafinil.

Like we mentioned before, the quality of generic drugs that are based on Modafinil is almost guaranteed to be of equal quality and effectiveness. You can find many positive reviews on reddit platform. The dosage, length of effects, side-effects and onset time are pretty much equal between Provigil and any other generic product. There are many different quality controls and standards that new producers need to follow in order to get their product accepted by the market and authorities. You can rest assured that products you can buy online in licensed pharmacies are guaranteed to have passed these checks and controls, so they are safe for consumption.


Generic Modafinil is equal to Provigil in terms of quality, effectiveness, and useful applications. The cost of modafinil  generics in the UK is considerably lower than Provigil, since the companies do not have to invest too much into research and optimization. This frees them up to invest their funds into marketing, which has a direct influence over sales, causing profits for the companies.
This is a great spot for consumers, since the short period of monopoly that is granted by the patent provides ample opportunity for the original inventor to sell their product at a price they desire, rather than the price achieved when competition is introduced into the market.