buy nzt cph4 ukIs there NZT 48 or CPH 4 alternative?

The Limitless and Lucy movies are speculating around the limitless pills called NZT-48 and CPH 4, an extremely powerfull cognitive enhancers. While watching for the heros of Limitless and Luci we find pill gives a superhuman powers and questions all movie lovers i whether such a substance may really exist. The only alternatives to NZT 48 and CPH 4 are Nootropics with a lot modest effects if to compare to original NZT-48 and CPH-4 limitless pills. The strongest nootropic is called Modafinil, the perfect wakefullness booster which is very popular in UK colleges and campuses.

Is Modafinil and NZT 48 limitless alternative?

A wide spectrum of people use Modafinil for its medical and nootropic purpose. From students to businessmen to gamers are taking Modafinil to give them a performance advantage. Many users are convinced of Modafinil ability to give them a clearer and more alert mind, similar effects to NZT 48 from Limitless and CPH 4 from Lucy.
Modafinil also sees its share of use within various military forces, such as the US Air Force, French Foreign Legion, UK Ministry of Defense, Indian Air Force and the US Tactical Paramedics. Soldiers often need to stay alert despite a lack of sleep so the drug’s use in such cases is understandable. It has also been reported that astronauts aboard the ISS (International Space Station) resort to Modafinil to improve their performance while tired. The Modafinil’s pro-drug Adrafinil may also be good NZT alternative however it’s is slightly weaker and the Adrafinil dose aqual to 200mg Modafinil is 600mg.

Where to buy modafinil in the UK?

We advise UK users to buy Modafinil from a trusted online company that is known for providing the purest Modafinil. We recommend these pharmacies (NeoModafinil, SunModalert and others) for the reasons listed below.
They offers a good cost compared to most companies, and they’ve been known for years to provide pure, high-quality Modafinil. They’re a good companies for comparison if you plan on looking at other companies to buy the drug. Modafinil is purchasable in bulk, anywhere from 300 to 500 pills, which means each pill costs around 0.50$ to 0.8$, depending on how much you re going to buy.