Vyvanse is the  medication classified as  Class B controlled substance in  the UK . It is illegal to buy Vyvanse in the UK without special from the UK specialist. The procedure of buying is the same like if you deal with other controlled medications.

These regulations are common for all the cities of the UK including London, Glasgow Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Bristol, Wakefield and other.

UK natives and tourists can legally import certain amount of prescription drugs for personal use under off label prescription written by UK specialist. This off-lable prescription does not allow the person to import those medicines that are prohibited to import by UK Customs

To get  your off labeled script you should find a UK medical specialist (psychiatrist) who is certified to treat a patient with Vyvanse  under Class B of medicines.

While writing the off label script, the medical specialist  needs to give a complete determination and offer clinical treatment. It ought to be clarified that Vyvanse is essential drug for treatment in comparison to the medicines which are enrolled and accessible in the UK. This off label script will make your Vyvanse purchase legal. It is important that off label script should be located in the package with Vyvanse, otherwise customs may held the package up and will send notification asking for the off-label script.

The whole process of getting Vyvanse to the uk may take months. It may be a timeous and costly procedure.

Another solution is to buy Vyvance alternatives, available in various online stores. The most popular alternative to Vyvanse is Modafinil.