How to get free samples of modafinil?

The plenty of modafinil vendors offer free samples to their customers. This option is available for the UK and any other countries.

On this page have already reviewed best modafinil suppliers for the UK. In this article we will review the best  modafinil freebies so as all necessary terms required by each supplier.

1)  Modapharma

This is probably the only deal where you don’t need to spend a single penny. The offer includes free modafinil samples with free delivery.

All you need is to create a youtube channel and upload a video where you say you’re going to get a free samples. After video is uploaded you can follow modapharma site and place a free order.. Later, when sample arrives you will have to upload unboxing video.

2)  Modafinilxl

This vendor offer free modafinil samples but claims to pay 29$ for shipping. This is a  fair option due to a fact you don’t need to spend your time on advertising, writing a reviews or creating videos. If you are looking for absolute freebie we must assure you it doesn’t exist. It doesn’t  make financial sense for the company to ship free samples to every customer when you don’t do advertisements or pay for delivery.

3) OneDollarThings

This is an old-school store where there is a fix price (1$) on all products. Free samples are not offered at all, however this vendor keeps the lowest market price for a single strip – 10$/strip.

4)  NeoModafinil

Neo modafinil offer free trial pills for their repeat customers. Repeat customer can select  over several sample choices: it can be either Modalert, Waklert, Modvigil or Artvigil. Customer write a review of his past experience with this store in exchange for free samples