Review 1: Carth, London, UK

It saved me from depression too. Usually a week would be enough but since you have been taking it for a 9 months, take a month off.
Just taking coffee instead of nootropics was enough for me but I needed up drinking too much to get modafinil like effects (do not do that when you take a break)
Also a little note, I took 3 weeks off and when I got back on it, it stopped being as good as it was before for me and started to give me jitters but it might not necessarily happen to you

Review 2. Anonymous, UK

Modafinil really helps my anxiety and oddly as long as I take it early I seem to sleep better it even calms my RLS never used it continually though. Only when I have a long drive or have had a sleepless night but as others are not having major issues from extended use I may try a low dose. Currently on 30mg Mirtazapine for depression and anxiety was on Venlafaxine as well a.k.a Californian rocket fuel but caused me to become mildly bipolar so Dr stopped them and upped Mirtazapine, I think it’s superior to SSRI’s/SNRI’s but I wouldn’t say it makes you happy more dulls the negative emotions. Modafinil on the other hand puts things in a much more positive light. To the others here also suffering with anxiety/depression I hope you continue to find relief 😁 & yes you can obtain in U.K. online at NeoModafinil

Review 3. Nakul, UK

“I’m having kinda similar description of op’s condition & moda just works wonders to my energy, motivation, “feeling alive & kicking’ levels compared to psychiatrist prescribed a while back wellbutrin & not long back zoloft.
After a considerable period of trial &error of moda vs no moda in mornings the former just kicks ass to make me feel to do stuff as well as not feel emotionally dead inside.
From past 2-3 months I’m taking modafinil (of the script- otc) at 50/100/200mg regularly (dose depending on what mileage I estimate to be needed for the day..yes I know it can be very wrong method of dosing) , & occasionally my pulse would be in upper 80s or 90-95 range worried if whether I’m wearing my heart out? Haha:)”

Review 4: ZP, UK

It is still processed through the liver but not nearly as much as its precursor. It may take ten years off of your life but the heart rate elevation is probably pretty close to a good cup of coffee etc. I avoid coffee when taking Modafinil unless I take a lower dose that day or just drink tea. You have to weigh your pros and cons.”

Review 5: Anonymous, UK

Moda is controlled for a reason as are medications with similar MOAs. For this reason, you may find your search quite cumbersome and/or dangerous. On a more productive note, look for dopaminergic noots like PRL. Conversely, memantine may lower tolerance. It is also a D2 agonist which may cause over excitement of your dopaminergic system. It may work well for you on its own. You could also look for an NMDA antagonist that does not exhibit affinity for dopamine receptors. If it were me, I’d try an NMDA antagonist on its own, or try alternative methods of fostering the endogenous dopaminergic system.

Review 6: R.Brown, Sheffield, UK

I’m really struggling. I’ve been on Modafinil for over 2 years now and just taking 200 mg. (I take modalert which I buy online from India), which was increased within the last 6 months. I just keep going downhill. I wrote a long post not too long ago explaining my history, so I won’t go into that again. I honestly believe I’m going downhill because of depression. I started working from home instead of the office about 6 or more months ago, and I am not motivated anymore when I used to be such a hard worker. Like everyone else on here, I’m just so tired. I don’t want to go back to working in the office, it’s so much drama and stress that I can’t handle due to being so tired. And they are out of office space until the fall possibly when they open a new location. I know if I would just work out like I used to and eat properly, I would be back to feeling at least 80% better, but I can’t seem to get up the energy. I don’t have much of any appetite either. I’m small, but I need to lose about 10-15 lbs and just get healthy. If you workout, how do you push yourself to get started? I don’t think I’ve ever had depression this bad that I just want to sleep! The ironic part is, I work for a mental health facility and I help others all day long, but can’t seem to help myself. 😔

Review 7:GR, UK

Narcolepsy makes us neurologically co-dependant, working alone definitely leads to depression. I have been working on a computer business and one of the key points is a balance of facetime with clients to alone time (I am more of an introvert). Without social contact I just start shutting down, with too much I burn out and cant maintain sanity.
I also found that to maintain functionality when alone I need an increase in medication as well, the more small computer projects I get the less medication I need.
I hat to say you ought to go back to work at an office, but you might be able to divide your time between the two, 2 and a half days at the office per week for example. Also if what you are currently doing can be done at a coffee shop, I would make it a habit to work there instead.
Oh and last but not least if you are in mental health, you should know that going it alone is a recipe for disaster even when not dealing with Narcolepsy. We are social creatures, thats the way we are built.

Review 8, Anonymous, UK

I’m 23 and think I might have narcolepsy or related disorder. I’m trying to get in to see a Dr but I thought I’d see if you guys had any insight as well. My symptoms started in late high school. I would nod off and immediately go into a dream then jerk awake then go back to the dream and would get confused by what was reality and what was dream. I still do this sometimes. I also occasionally get sleep paralysis and hallucinations. At first due to my poor concentration at school they thought I had ADD which I don’t have but they prescribed me stimulants which everyone around me noticed I wasn’t a zombie anymore. A Dr switched me to modafinil for some reason, saying I have a circadian rhythm sleep disorder. I also had terrible insomnia which I don’t have anymore. Honestly I can fall asleep anytime, anywhere. My body frequently feels like lead, like I can barely move it. But mainly it’s I can’t keep my eyes open. I’ve fallen asleep going out with friends, while being intimate, while exercising, while talking, and reading is impossible. Once I even fell asleep driving and woke up in a ditch on the opposite side of the road. My dad has similar problems, so did his mom just not as severe. My dad has sleep apnea and he thinks I may have that too because I snore and am a little overweight. I can sleep all day then sleep all night then all day the next day. I feel like my life is a haze, I can’t remember anything, and it’s making me depressed and it can be embarrassing. I don’t know what might be done. I feel as though the modafinil is losing its effect.

Review 9, Anonymous, UK

I’m having a hard time right now and I just wanted to vent to a group of people that understand what I’m going through. Just for reference, I was diagnosed with narcolepsy in April and am currently on modafinil 400mg which isn’t doing much for me at all. I realize that I’m extremely lucky to have been diagnosed at an early age (22) since many of you have been through a lot to get your diagnosis, and I’m not trying to be ungrateful or anything like that. At first I truly believed I was misdiagnosed and came out of the doctors totally shocked. I had no idea at all. I honestly thought I was just lazy, depressed, or complaining too much. I thought I would be told that there’s nothing wrong with me and this would be my wake up call to get my act together. There are some days where I’m like “I’m tired but everyone gets tired” or on really good days I’m like “I can do this. You can handle anything that comes your way.” But lately I’ve been breaking down because people are always commenting about how I always look tired or laugh when I get confused and act like I’m completely out of it because I’m too tired to comprehend what people are saying, etc. I get helpless when I’m waking up after 10hrs of sleep and physically dragging myself and singing in my head to keep myself awake yet still finding myself in places I don’t remember walking to. I know that some days are tougher than others and I’m trying to focus on the positive. But it really hit me that I would never be “normal” when I went to my school to get academic accommodation. She asked me what my condition was I told her that it was narcolepsy and she referred it as a disability. I’ve never thought of it like that but then she says your doctor has to select whether it’s a permanent or temporary disability and she’s like yours would be permanent. When she said that it really hit me that this was a chronic illness. That this will never, ever go away and I would have to deal with it for life.

I’m going into my fourth year of nursing so I was really concerned about how I would get through school, studying, and clinical. And I am placed in a hospital that specializes in oncology and this should be exciting. I’ve always wanted to work in oncology. But I feel more fear and uncertainty than anything. I’m trying to think positively but then I think how am I going to do this? It’s one thing to be dosing off at my part time job vs. dosing off while caring for patients in the hospital. I’m not trying to say people with narcolepsy shouldn’t do this or that, I’m just saying with the way I’m feeling currently, I don’t know if this is feasible for me. And if I fail this semester, I will be required to withdraw from my program and I can’t let that happen. I feel like there’s so much pressure and obviously I can make plans to not procrastinate and study hard but I can’t just disregarding the brain fog and sleepiness, etc. Even right now sometimes I starve myself until the end of the day because eating makes me more tired and I know I can’t afford to fall asleep. It’s like okay I can do this for a short while to get through but I can’t do that for life. I guess I’m just having a lot of uncertainty regarding my future. I’m not really sure how to get through this feeling.

Review 10

I stopped obsessing with finding a fix to help my Narcolepsy, I take Modafinil 150 mg. A day, I take a 15 minute nap at my lunch break, and I have been a lot more active. My depression has been very minimal and I’m not constantly falling asleep. This is all over a month period of time. I also eat healthy during the week, and eat what I want on the weekends. I’m not saying this is a fix, just sharing my experience. I found that got way too fixated on how tired I was instead of getting up and moving around. I hiked 11,500′ up Monarch Pass mountain last weekend, attended a wine festival and went to the hot springs all in the same day and never needed a nap. I think that being out in the sun has really helped too.