modafinil controlledThe United Kingdom regulates prescription medications which are grouped based on the likelihood of serious side effects and the potential for addiction.

Modafinil is not a controlled substance in the UK , but there are regulations in place relating to prescription drugs. There are no specific laws which relate to the possession of modafinil or any Generic Provigil brands from India, such as Modalert, Modafil and Modvigil  within the UK, but there are laws regarding the purchase of the drug. It is only legal to buy Modafinil in the UK if you have been issued a prescription from a doctor for it.

People in the United Kingdom may purchase modafinil online from a regular chemist or pharmacy, or, they may choose to use a pharmacy located in another country. Importing prescribed generic Provigil is not a problem, providing you remain aware that customs may ask you to provide proof of your prescription in the case that they inspect your package. They will likely to inspect it if you have more than 300 pills inside.

When importing Provigil it must be in small quantities exclusively for personal use. Usually a 30-90 day supply is deemed acceptable in any single order.