Adrafinil (Modafinil Prodrug) was originally created by a French company by the name Lafon, but they have since halted production of the drug (then named Olmifon), and the job of manufacturing Adrafinil has since moved elsewhere, being produced under the generic name Adrafinil. The drug occasionally is found in the form of a capsule, but it’s more often found in a powder form. With Adrafinil, the quality of the drug is very important, and so it is highly recommended that you purchase the drug from a company known to provide it in pure and high quality. If you’re just starting on the drug, it’s recommended that you start from the lowest dosage amount (200mg) and work your way up until you’ve found a balance (the maximum is 400mg).

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With the harmful effects it can have, it’s a very good idea to use the drug in low doses while still achieving the result you desire. Using it only when absolutely needed is also a good idea- if you’re working very late finishing work, it could be a good choice. However, if you do choose to use Adrafinil for a longer period of time, we recommend you cycle the drug and keep in touch with your doctor to make sure liver enzyme levels don’t get out of hand.

Unfortunately, Adrafinil can no longer be purchased in the UK; there have been some in the past, but the situation has changed and it’s not about the UK ban of psychoactive substances, but lack of domestic adrafinil sources. Fortunately, it is possible to import the drug or buy adrafinil online in the UK – but there are some places that you should avoid, and we’ll show you why.

When considering where to order the drug from, there are several things to consider: Shipping in terms of Time, Price and Quality (how long does the shipping take, how much does it cost and is their packaging neat? Additionally, one must of course consider the drug’s Cost and Reputation. Modafinil user reviews are an easy way to see whether or not a company is reliable or not, but unfortunately, there are sometimes false reviews. For this reason, you may want to look at multiple sources to find the best company. Buying from China, for example, is usually not a good choice – their manufacturing is still in its infancy, and so quality will not be the best. Chinese prices are good, but the quality of the drug will probably be questionable. If their manufacturing gets better, this situation may change, but for now, China is not the most reliable source.

The most popular Country where you can buy high quality medicines is India, however Adrafinil is not produced there but Modafinil does. You can check our main page to find out where to buy modafinil in the UK. 100mg of Modafinil is equal to 300mg of Adrafinil so many users choose modafinil in the pill form rather than adrafinil in a powder form. The most popular modafinil brand is Modalert manufactured by Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries. Second popular brand is Modalert by Hab Pharmaceuticals.