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The volume that goes through this pharmacy enables them to get better prices on medicines, and offer it for a lower price. The prices are so low, that we almost didn’t believe the supplier is real. It was only a matter of testing their service, so after receiving our order it was very obvious that the store was legitimate and functioned properly. Price starts from 0.55$/pill if one use Bitcoin payment option.

Cheapest and reliable

Naturally, the pharmacy offers 24/7 customer support to their clients. Their customer support from UK make it easily available to its target audience. In order to buy modafinil online you need either a Visa or a MasterCard, or Bitcoins. If you place an order with Bitcoins you receive 20% discount along with daily offers that makes your Bitcoin discount grow for up to 40%. There are several guarantees in place to protect your investment, so if anything happens with your shipment, the supplier either reships the product or offers a refund. While there are different types of shipping available, the website also offers a free shipping option, conveniently the best possible choice, unless it’s an emergency.

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It is trusted by many people, and you can see our rendition of what the majority of customers said about this website online.

Neo Modafinil supplier Reviews

While it’s difficult to say with great certainty that the customers of Neo Modafinil are indeed loyal, after noting that some of the customers are leaving reviews and reports frequently. Many of them suggest that NeoModafinil is the cheapest and reliable modafinil supplier in the UK. This suggests that a loyal customer base exists and that it is very engaged with the pharmacy online. The customers explain that they are satisfied with the service, quality, shipment, and customer support they get from NeoModafinil. Dosens of reviews are available at reddit.

Neo Modafinil Review #1

One customer by the name of Jim, was suffering from ADHD had his order stuck in the post office. The company reshipped him and he eventually received a double order. Safe to say that he was satisfied with the situation, but he also expressed his satisfaction with the quality of modafinil products.

NeoModafinil Review #2

A different customer called WG from the UK gave the highest rating to this supplier, after receiving a package containing a solution for his fungal infection. He was very satisfied with the fast delivery, the price, as well as the quality of the products. Review 3

DHar, a UK customer who reviewed Neo Modafinil as a reliable modafinil vendor, said that the delivery was made within expectations, and the customer support team helped him deal with a problem efficiently and within the hour.

Some customers express excitement about the sometimes absurdly low prices and free shipping plans. Others are very happy because they have had a great customer support experience. Following through all of the reviews, this pharmacy has an overwhelmingly positive track record and reputation. Coupon Codes

Beyond low prices and great service, this store also offers amazing deals. They do not use third party sites and publish their hot offers right on their main page. These promotions are happening frequently and they offer new and existing customers a great deal of value.

Free Shipping

One of the best identifying value propositions that this store has is the offer for free shipping. Depending on the value of your order, you can also get better shipping methods for free.


NeoModafinil store offers a safe and efficient platform for purchasing medical solutions. With its easy to navigate design, low prices, and exquisite customer support team, NeoModafinil is breaking new ground in the online pharmacy market.

The range of products is very wide, so there is something for anybody that is suffering from a particular condition. You can also say that their target group is people that need solutions, because they are there to provide them for the lowest possible prices.

With their impressive online track record, this supplier is deemed safe , attractive and probably the cheapest and reliable UK supplier for Modafinil . We are rating it 5 out of 5 stars, because we see that they are leaders in their market.