There’s little data accessible for biohackers on the medication flmodafinil aka fluoromodafinil and fladrafinil, synonyms: fluorophenyl, methylsulfinyl, acetamide, Bisfluoromodafinil, N-deshydroxyl Fladrafinil, CRL-40,940, CRL-40,941. There is a lack of information available because flmodafinil is a research chemical , it is analogue of controlled substance but it is operating upon legal substance list due to a fact it is not yet scheduled, not matked as dangerous and unsafe for personal consumption. Therefore we consider one may buy flmodafinil in the UK legally untill there will be legal status update.

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Flmodafinil and Fladrafinil purchasing tends to be safer in the UK, however, as there have been far less reports of the drug being seized within the country. As we have just shown above, try taking the lowest dose possible while still getting the desired result; dosage varies by person, and you may need to calibrate it to your body. Flmodafinil is the Modafinil – related substance, so it is inactive before it is ingested into your body.

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