The first time I took Artvigil by Hab Pharma, a generic version of armodafinil, I knew what to expect. Or at least I knew what I hoped to expect.

It wasn’t a huge, over the top, 4 figure IQ type of experience like in the movie Limitless. (Which is a fantastic movie, and I suggest you watch it.) It was a subtle, “This is pretty cool, I have energy,” type of experience. I spent enough time reading up on ‘afinil’s’, and had self-prescribed Armodafinil as a cure to my ADHD and general lack of motivation and energy. I figured I fit the categories pretty well, and the ‘reviews’ I read that were positive, tended to fit my symptoms. I knew Artvigil wouldn’t fix my life, but I hoped it would aid me in fixing it myself.

My generic armodafinil experience

There are several popular generic armodafinil versions produced in India. I have chosen Artvigil over Waklert (SunPharma brand) because of a lot more positive reviews. I received my order in the middle of the day, because that is when my postal carrier arrives. It came from India and it took about 10 days to arrive. I had to work later that evening, and I have the patience of a 5 year old, so I quickly took a half tablet, (75mg) on the ride to work. My drive to work is 30 minutes and I spent most of it asking myself if I felt differently.

When I arrived at work and got out of the car, I definitely felt a little different. It was subtle, but things looked different. Artvigil helps many people concentrate more, or focus more. I guess that fits my experience, but I would describe it as an ability to look at things longer. Not objects, but things like a technical problem at work, or a game I found myself playing. I was able to look at something and not look away as often, and when you look away for 5 seconds, you spend 10 – 15 more finding your place again. That is a brutal killer of productivity, when you find yourself distracted every few minutes, or more.

I didn’t have too much to do at work, and I just wanted to ride out the experience and see if I could tell a difference between regular life and life on generic Armodafinil. The experience was really subtle, but noticeable.

Over the next few days, I took a full dose 150mg and found myself to be more productive at work and at home, but I didn’t really ‘feel’ different. I definitely had the enthusiasm of trying something new. The same feeling I would get the first week of a new diet, or the first week after reading/studying a new method or book on self-help. I was worried that I was just riding a wave of a placebo.

My review on Artvigil from India

Being a self-titled logical person, (when in reality I am more reactionary and I allow my fear of change to dictate my decisions, rather than logic, but I digress,) I tried an experiment.

I didn’t mark things on a chart, or take scientific measurements of myself, I just skipped a dose of Artvigil. The interesting part, (to me, and maybe to you if you have read down this far), is that I didn’t notice a drastic difference when I didn’t take my daily dose. I don’t think it was a carryover affect either, because from many reviews I have read, the Artvigil I had taken the day before would have been out of my system by the next day. I didn’t have anything important to do that day, if I remember, and nothing stands out as being different, but I felt fine. The next day, I took 150mg again, and I definitely noticed. I can tell when I take it, but it’s a lot less noticeable when I don’t. I have settled in to taking a daily dose, Monday through Friday, and it definitely helps me through my day.

Artvigil has definitely improved my life, but it is a subtle change in my motivation. I can sit on the motivation it gives, and waste a day on a game, or reading a website, or I can use it to get actual work done. Artvigil from India makes that small first step of standing up and starting on a problem, or project much easier to accomplish.